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PThere are thousands of products for cleaning and maintenance of motorcycles. World known brands are order external laboratories and companies to develop their products. But price and efficiency of these products is different.
Muc-off brings wide range of cleaning and maintaining motorcycles. Tradition of this british brand started in 1991 in bicycle manufacturing.


First complex cleaning product was developed after 3 years after company formed. Main reason for developing was lack of high quality and efficient cleaning products. It was vital that cleaner was eco-friendly, highly effective and didn’t cause damage to any delicate finishes or components. This product was a huge success and Muc-off products expanded.

After short period Muc-off started to specialize to motorcycle industry too. Complex and effective category of products is interesting for variety of fields, such as sports, industry or home environment.

Company U.M.S. Kawasaki, resident in Bratislava, engaged in services and sales of motorcycles, stated after the experience with Muc-Off, that „motorcycle is nice when it´s clean, especially when it´s cleaned by high quality product which makes washing easier and faster!“.

Washing and treatment of the motorcycle should be simple, short and fun. Muc-off products are non-aggressive and they leave microlubricating protection for the surfaces of motorcycle. These qualities are appreciated by many professional teams, services or manufacturers of components for motorcycles.


You can divide Muc-off products into 3 basic categories:

  1. Clean
  2. Protect
  3. Lube


One of the most used product is Nano Bike cleaner, which can be applied to whole motorcycle and after application is washed by water. It cleans out the dirt perfectly (there is a possibility of using subtle)
It perfectly removes dirt (you can use a brush with soft, laser cleaved bristles). It also leaves a delicate protective layer. The other cleansers from Muc-off are made for brakes, chains and areas that are heavily clogged with oil.

Muc-off offers not only products for cleaning the motorcycle, but also for whole motorcycle clothing. Cleaning with them is simply perfect – they do not leave oily stains.

You can achieve perfect lubrication with spray for chains, which uses PTFE technology, for so called dry lubrication. It has excellent characteristics, and after using the motorcycle and chain remain clean. When properly used, chain spray guarantees its longer durability than conventional products intended for lubrication of motorcycle chains.