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Swiss perfection

Why is MOTOREX perfect? There are more answers to this question. The company was established in 1917 (by Fritz Jenzer), but the word Motorex have appeared in the company name in 1947. In 1993 Motorex gained certificate ISO 9001 and in 2003 ISO14001. Company itself has own 10 guidelines, where you can find terms such as honesty, independence, innovation and responsibility.


Everything is made in Switzerland

Whole production of MOTOREX product is unique, because it is made entirely in Switzerland. They have own laboratory, which is expanding every year. The brand is internationally known for their motorcycle oils, where they stick to the strict criteria of quality. Products are tested with racing teams from around the world. For several years, their oils are used by e.g. Antonio Cairolli on KTM, they are operating in world known companies, such as MOTO 3, Moto 2, WSBK, Enduro, Rally and Supermoto. Motorex is also active in car division and their oils are used in company’s home and abroad.


Testing in the most difficult conditions

Motorex has possibilities to test their products under the most difficult circumstances and conditions. Based on this tests they can modify their products, so they can be sure that they are providing top quality available for everyone.

Only the best base oil and additives are used in Motorex products, which creates high quality premium oil. Nice example is Boxer oil for BMW engines, where they achieved immediate success in terms of reducing oil consumption with very low Noack value –which means that evaporated oil was significantly reduced due to oil formulation.


Product line – you won’t find a vehicle for which they don’t have a product!

Product line of Motorex has wide range, they are producing top quality oils for 2T and 4T engines, for snowmobiles and water scooters, oils for working and sport quads. Pallet of products is enriched by shock absorber and transmission oils with different viscosity and specifications. Most of the packing has integrated flexible bottleneck, which allows accurate and smooth pouring into small holes typical for motorcycles. Also, they care about cleanliness of your machines.