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SCHUBERTH – the best protection for your head

German motorcycle helmets Schuberth are manufactured in a modern factory in Magdeburg. They are a symbol of high technology, great wear comfort, very low noise, excellent aerodynamics and above all, safety. All models of Schuberth helmets are developed and tested in aero tunnels and during the production company uses only highest quality of materials. Schuberth declared zero tolerance for even the smallest defect and that’s why each helmet is factory controlled after every manufacturing operation.

Schuberth helmets can be found outside the motorcycle segmet – for example in the world of F1 (Alonso, Massa, Rosberg), police and army. In all these fields, Schuberth belongs to the top companies.

Schuberth company motto is: “We develop the best helmets for the best riders.”

Companies motorcycle helmets are regularly on the first positions at independent safety tests.