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Special motorcycle accessories for motorcycle trips, expeditions, rally and racing. Accessories for BMW, KTM, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Triumph.

TOURATECH – is an icon for the German quality, functionality, practicality and safety.

If you are a fan of traveling on a motorcycle and you need to equip yourself and your motorcycle, you’re in the right place. How did it all start?
In the beginning, there were aluminum suitcases, which made Herbert Schwarz, company founder by himself. He used them on his travels to Africa, USA, Northern and Eastern Europe. Back then, he didn’t know, that a new era in his life is coming and that in a few years he will become the owner of a leading company specializing in this segment.
In 1990, the first trip master IMO was developed. At that time he possessed large amount of functions such as daily, total and average kilometer counter, outside temperature and engine temperature. After his experiences during travelling Schwartz developed first aluminum cases Zega. Zega is the name of a small village in Zaire in southern Africa. Zegas become so popular that even today, after so many years they are important part of the Touratech and enjoy great popularity. Nowadays Touratech product portfolio is broad and includes more than 6,000 items.
The base consists of accessories for BMW motorcycles, from GS category, as they gained respect for their reliability and robustness. Complete offer of Touratech contains complete solutions for GPS through huge variety of products, such as modified GPS devices and GPS holders. Also, it contains tents, sleeping bags, stoves and everything that modern tourist needs a for trips or expeditions.
Touratech is like a living organism, constantly evolving and growing. Their offer extends almost week. In 2009, Touratech had more than 200 employees! The main emphasis is still aimed on high quality, and made in Europe. Manufactures are using laser and CNC machines, fully automated welding robots and lines. Touratech is convinced of their product quality and manufacturers, and it gained position as OEM manufacturer of parts for BMW and KTM.
They are genuine aluminum cases – for GS 1200 ADV, frames and covers luggage handles and engine for the F 800 GS. Touratech has since become a large modern company, but nevertheless retained the essentials. Most people who work here are passionate bikers. It is they who give impact to the development of new products and above all at the same time are tested on their travels. Touratech is nowadays represented in 25 countries.